• Aug112021

    RAS launches platform on tropical biodiversity in partnership with Ambiental Media

  • Jul092021

    Drought and fire caused the death of billions of trees in the Amazon

  • Jun092021

    The role of cattle and pasture in Brazil’s deforestation

  • Oct082020

    The conservation of freshwater ecosystems ensures protection for both aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity

  • Feb092020

    Recovery of Amazonian secondary forests is slower than anticipated

  • Feb092020

    Collapse of beetles in the Amazon

  • Jan092020

    Climatic extremes threaten tropical ecosystems

  • Aug092019

    Joice Ferreira, member of RAS steering committee, wins the ‘Ecological Engagement Award’ by the British Ecological Society

  • Sep092018

    The protection of secondary forests in the Amazon is urgent

  • Jul102018

    The future of tropical biodiversity

  • Nov102017

    Is environmental legislation conserving tropical stream faunas?

  • Jun102017

    RAS launches platform on forest degradation in the Amazon in partnership with Ambiental Media

  • Dec102016

    RAS organizes the Sustainable Amazon Symposium to promote the dialogue between science, society and decision makers

  • Oct092016

    Teotônio Carvalho, doctoral student at RAS, wins the ‘CAPES Thesis Award 2016’ in the area of Agrarian Sciences

  • Jun102016

    Drastic impacts of forest degradation to Amazonian biodiversity

  • Jan092016

    Cecília Leal, doctoral student at RAS, receives an award for the best thesis in Conservation Biology by the Brazilian Society of Zoology

  • Dec092014

    RAS researchers debate Brazil’s environmental leadership in the Federal Senate