Different fire types in the Amazon

Not all fires are the same, not even in the Amazon. For each specific type of fire, there is a specific cause which requires a specific solution. In this video we present the different types of fires in the Amazon, as well as their causes.

Impacts of fires in the Amazon

When the forest burns, there is a series of ecological and socio-economic impacts. The fauna, the flora and human populations are negatively affected by forest fires. However, these impacts do not only occur at the local level – there are regional, and even global, impacts too. In this video we discuss these in more detail.

Solutions for fires in the Amazon

There are different solutions for Amazonian fires, from local to even global ones. In this video we explore some of these solutions to show that the Amazon doesn’t need to burn.

Amazon streams under threat

In the Brazilian Amazon, streams go by the indigenous name ‘igarapés’. Small in size, huge in importance, they can shelter a higher diversity of fishes than entire countries of Europe. However, they are threatened by several human activities.